Monday, December 10, 2012

The South Beach Girls Are Waiting For You

South Beach Girls
South Beach Girls In Action

If you are single and coming to Miami with your buds, there is a good chance you are looking for one thing. That’s right, South Beach girls. Known for some of the most beautiful; most exotic women in the world, South Beach, Florida is a playground for single men from all over the world.

Step into any of the South Beach clubs that are found in Miami Beach and your jaw will most certainly drop when you take a look at the South Beach girls inside. If you are looking for models types, they are there. Looking for full bodied women? You will see them standing next to the bar. Do Asian girls fascinate you? You in for a fabulous treat. Are you looking for Hispanic girls from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, or Brazil? They are everywhere!

Where The South Beach Girls At?  Right Here!

The South Beach nightlife is known all over the world with clubs that are open to six in the morning. In fact, most locals don’t even go out partying until midnight. Clubs don’t start bumping ‘til one in the morning at the earliest. Ask anyone who has been to one of the many South Florida clubs if they had a good time, and the answer will always be a resounding YES!

If you are seriously considering going to South Beach on vacation and are afraid it might be beyond your budget, rest assured there are great cheap Miami hotel deals on the Internet. There is a lot of competition for your dollar and when there is competition for you dollar, you usually end up being the winner. There is no excuse to stay home when you could come to South Beach and have memories that will last you a lifetime.
Search for one of the great deals that are out there and stay at one of the many cheap Miami hotels that are available. The South Beach girls are waiting for you and your friends!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

South Beach Miami Clubs - The Shore Club Miami Beach Skybar

South Beach girls
As far as South Beach Miami Clubs go, Skybar, located in The Shore Club Miami Beach, one of the most posh and elegant Miami Beach Resorts, is an intriguing, bumping, exclusive South Beach Bar/Club that is the preeminent place to get your groove on in the company of the beautiful people.

Set in the Shore Club Miami Beach pool area between the hotel and beach, Skybar offers a South Beach menu full of beauty, elegance, glamour, and unabashed chic. Accented with ornate lanterns, colorful textiles, abounding beading, Florida foliage and imported furniture, Skybar is designed to capture the senses – and once it latches on, it doesn’t let go. Getting to the Skybar is easy, the difficult part is leaving.

It is not uncommon to bump into celebrities at Miami Beach resorts, and this club is no exception. Once you pass the velvet rope, the atmosphere is one only South Florida could provide. The models with the beach body workout tans you see in the magazines all seem to be here; the movie star from the movie you just saw with your friends is sitting next to you on the couch; the singer whose hit you have bumping in your Ipod is arriving with her entourage.

Beautiful fountains, cobalt blue walls and pergolas surround you as club goer’s lounge in cabanas and sit on beds while the club DJ drops the latest tunes. Skybar at the Shore Club Miami Beach was the first hotel on South Beach to earn its Green Lodging One Palm Certification from the State of Florida. The club is comprised of the following areas:

Sunday - Wednesday 7 PM-2 AM, Thu-Sat 7 PM-3 AM
Organized around a deep red glowing of light and a red lacquered teak floor, the Redroom is a juxtaposition of modern and eclectic furniture from a lacquered steel pool table to French Antique Napoleon III slipper chairs covered in silk.

Redroom Garden
Sunday-Wednesday 4 PM-2 AM, Thu-Sat 4 PM-3 AM
Conceived as an outdoor living room, the 2,500 square foot central area is tropically landscaped with colorful perennials, bougainvillea and passion flowers in painted oversized pots and adorned with an eclectic mix of furniture from the Orient.

Thursday-Saturday 7 PM-2:30 AM, Sun-Wed CLOSED
South Beach Miami Clubs come and go, but the Shore Club Miami Beach Skybar is becoming a staple of a city that keeps reinventing itself.